NurgenBotten Title.png

Decades of war between the Nurgen Federation and KlaugHoffen Empire has hit its climax!!

Only the city-state of Nurgenheim defies the Empire. In their desperate bid for survival, the Nurgens developed the NurgenBottens- colossal humanoid siege engines made of wood and steel and powered by horse-driven pneumatic engines. But, the KlaugHoffen Empire has not failed to innovate, either.

The KlaugHoffen Royal Family created their beastly KlaugBottens to clash with the NurgenBottens.

In their research, both factions have discovered the Mithril Barrier, a mysterious and powerful spectral armor composed of enigmatic phantasms.

Both the Nurgens and KlaugHoffens wield titanic machines and eldritch powers. Destruction and heroism fuse like fire and oil in NurgenBotten!!